Amber Cotton

Dissertation on …


Kaitlyn Gallagher

Kaitlyn completed her thesis examining approaches to negotiations, specifically how gender impacts the behavioral decision to negotiate face-to-face or virtually. Her research is guided by the ultimate goal to find a situation which could potentially minimize gender effects in negotiations and accelerate the convergence of the gender pay gap. In her free time, Kate has completed her 300hr yoga teaching certification, can be found actively searching for any excuse to be on a beach, or filling her camera roll with photoshoots of her cat, Callie.


Tatem Burns

Tatem Burns is conducting her thesis on the distinct psychological experiences of negotiators in the context of gender and individual difference variables . Her research interests include how gender and individual differences influence negotiation, and how to inform intervention in these areas to improve employee experiences in negotiation and the workplace. In her spare time, Tatem can be found in the yoga studio, rollerblading along the Lake Front Trail, or challenging her cooking skills with a new recipe.


Lauren Zervos

Lauren is a first year student in the I/O Psychology PhD program. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from DePaul University. Her research is focused on gender discrimination in the workplace. She’s also interested in studying differential negotiation outcomes for women. Lauren spends her free time doing yoga, going to concerts, and finding new fried chicken restaurants throughout the city.


Grisel Lopez

Grisel is a wonderful undergraduate and McNair scholar at DePaul. She loves negotiation with all her heart and all of her soul. Her conference presentations are: