Prospective Students

Interested in joining the research team?

Information on adding motivated, reliable, and hard working folks to the team:

DePaul Undergraduates gain experience with research by serving as experimenters and team members. Serving on a research team provides valuable, knowledge, skills, and abilities for future training and careers in the workplace  And it can be fun too. Participation can be structured for independent study,  honor’s project, or experiential learning credit.  To discuss involvement, email with information on your background and interests.

Graduate Students on the research team are Masters or PhD students in Industrial -Organizational Psychology at DePaul.  Professor Stuhlmacher  will be accepting MA and PhD students (December application for starting in the fall of next year) and looks forward to reviewing applications. DePaul’s I-O program does not explicitly assign doctoral students to one particular professor. Instead of a fixed mentorship model, faculty evaluate all applicants and we accept people to the program.  Students can choose who to work with once they are here, and even work with more than one faculty member. We understand that interests change/adapt as students learn more about the field and give students the opportunity to be involved in more than one of our labs, or even to carve out an area of their own interest.  All Ph.D. students are supported with a tuition waiver and stipend. Additional information about the I-O graduate program at DePaul University is available  here:

DePaul I-O