Supervised Dissertations & Theses



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Alanna Mullen (2020) Gender Differences in the Impact of  Confidence on Leadership Attainment

*Mary Keegin (2018) Toward pay equity: A motivational intervention to reduce gender differences in salary negotiations

*Kristin Mann (2016) The effects of sexual orientation and behavioral style on perceptions of leadership potential and effectiveness

*Eileen Linnabery (2014) Effects of temporal perceptions on employees’ work-life conflict


*Kaitlyn Gallagher (2018) Gender role congruity in negotiation : The impact of task framing and communication mode

*Scott McLuckie (2017) The impact of conformity and qualifications on perceptions of power, competency, and first offers in negotiations

*Amber Cotton (2016) Examining the intersection of gender and age on backlash effects in negotiations

Daniel Abben (2015) Web-based recruitment: Strategies for attracting LGBT employees